Take Care...

Hello, my name is Randall Szott. I am the founder of Dilettante Ventures which was a collective comprised of other collectives - LeisureArts, placekraft, and Studiolo54. All of these collectives had blogs that served as repositories of some activities, but did not serve as complete documentation of their activities. All of the collectives were comprised by myself only with the exception of Studiolo54 which had one other member. Maybe now some of you can understand why most everything written on this blog employed the collective "we" when offering up commentary.

LeisureArts helped me clarify many of my thoughts concerning how art and other forms of creative engagement with the world could lead to "the good life." My life, for better or worse, has been geared towards thinking about and attempting to embody, a vision of said good life. This blog provided a useful articulation of the theoretical/conceptual underpinnings of this exploration.

It is now time to turn my attention toward living and away from discursive arguments. I am grateful to all those who have taken the time to read and even take seriously the things I've written for LeisureArts. Much of the material here is obscure and it is often contrarian, but it is sincere. It is probably obvious that the dramas, protocols, and restrictions of the art world (the professional market/academic one) are of little use to me. Art has never been a vocation for me and probably never will be. In a funny way, I take it much too seriously. To paraphrase Luc Ferry in writing about the Greek view of philosophy - I see it as a mode of life rather than mere discourse. I'll be around, but Dilettante Ventures, and thus, LeisureArts are no more. I've got too much living to do.

P.S. I mentioned before a new curatorial venture outside Chicago called "he said - she said" and my final post here will be an announcement of the launch of its web site you can bookmark it now or wait for the final post.