LeisureArts Curatorial Championship: Final Matchup

It's No.1 vs. No. 1 for the Title

The seeding committee apparently did a great job with its selections as we have two number one seeds facing off in the championship game.

Now we'll see who's really No. 1.
[Ralph Rugoff], the top overall seed in the
[LeisureArts Curatorial] tournament, and [Jens Hoffmann], rolled into Monday night's championship game.

After a tournament filled with nail-biters, Saturday night's games were downright pedestrian. [Jens Hoffmann] beat [Simon Sheikh] despite some foul trouble. [Ralph Rugoff] romped to a victory over [Joseph del Pesco].

It will be a title game rematch of sorts. Rugoff left the CCA Wattis Institute for the Hayward Gallery and was replaced by Hoffmann (at the Wattis). Now these two will fight it out to determine which is the top curator.

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