Kwame Anthony Appiah - Cosmopolitanism - More Quotes

We have some internet connection issues and now have reasons for a lag in posting (so nix the intro to our previous post). We only have time to throw out quotes from current reading.

From Kwame Anthony Appiah's Cosmopolitanism: Ethics in a World of Strangers:

"Conversations...begin with the sort of imaginative engagement you get when you read a novel or watch a movie or attend to a work of art that speaks from some place other than your own. So I'm using the word 'conversation' not only for literal talk but also as a metaphor for engagement with the experience and ideas of others. And I stress the role of the imagination here because the encounters, properly conducted, are valuable in themselves. Conversation doesn't have to lead to consensus about anything, especially not values; it's enough that it helps people get used to one another."