Curatorial Championship: Day One Update

There was just one significant upset Thursday, but plenty of top seeds could face challenges during Friday's action.

Top seeds carried the day in the East bracket, except that Elena Filipovic knocked off Steve Dietz. Also in the East, Massimiliano Gioni, Hon Hanru, Michael Fehr, Hamza Walker, and Simon Sheikh all advanced.

The big upset of the day occured in the West bracket where Kitty Scott took out Nicholas Bourriaud. Joseph del Pesco, Lars Bang Larsen, and Christian Rattemeyer also won.

In the South bracket we had Mary Jane Jacob, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Jens Hoffmann advancing, and in what is likely a bracket buster for some (High Low & in between), Matthew Higgs was upset by Francisco Bonami.

Finally, we have the North bracket seeing Dan Cameron and Lisette Smits advance.

We have somewhat solved our internet access at sea problems, but access is not reliable and we may not get updates up as soon as we'd like. The bracket won't be posted again until the Sweet Sixteen, so you'll have to pencil in winners until then .