Ferry - Everyday Life - Todorov

Excerpts from Tzvetan Todorov quoted by Luc Ferry concerning 17th century Dutch painting in Ferry's What is the Good Life?

"...Beauty is not beyond or above commonplace things; it is at their very heart, and one look suffices to extract it and reveal it to everyone. The Dutch painters were, for a time, inspired by a grace - in no way divine, in no way mystical - that enabled them to dispel the curse that weighed on matter; to rejoice in the very existence of things, to intertwine the ideal and the real, and therefore to find the meaning of life in life itself."

"...What is needed is not to abandon daily life (to contempt, to others), but to transform it from the inside, so that it is reborn illuminated with meaning and beauty...That is when daily life would cease being opposed to works of art, to works of the mind, to become, in its entirety, as beautiful and rich in meaning as a work of art."