Cultural Production - LeisureArts - MFA alternatives

Two alternatives to an MFA that seem to "get it:"

This program is noteworthy beacuase of its broad field of inquiry and acknowledgement of the need for new critical persepctives.

The interdisciplinary M.A. program in Cultural Production at Brandeis University

They offer three areas of concentration:

Cluster 1: Performance: Object/Body/Place
Courses in performance theory, theater, discursive practice, embodiment, mythopoesis, adornment, and the city as lived text.

Cluster 2: Visuality: Image/Media/Signs
Courses in comparative experiences of vision, cinema, television, semiotics, digital and other new media, Internet studies, materiality, photography, advertising, and mass communications.

Cluster 3: Memory: Museums/Preservation/Archives
Courses in historical consciousness, the cultural politics and poetics of museums and memorials, traumatic memory, historiography, artifact conservation, documentation, and archival practice.


This program offers a practice based Phd, allowing research to take any necessary form rather than forcing all modes of inquiry into the dissertation formula. Additionally, many courses allow responses to course material to take the standard paper form and/or alternate forms.

The Ph.D. in Humanities from UT Dallas