Leisure Team Productions - LeisureArts - The Art of Living

The good folks over at Leisure Team Productions were gracious enough to send us the first chapter of their book Time Off! The Upside to Downtime. It is "The Art of Leisure." The chapter definitely borders on the self-help/pop psychology side of things, but has some decent moments:

"Every hour of overtime is an hour that you don’t spend playing, singing, dancing, learning,or enjoying the company of others. It’s an hour that you’re not spending on an experience that you choose purely for its own sake, whether or not anyone rewards you for it."

"Playing and dabbling are not only hedonistic and relaxing, but can also generate new ideas. All the major arts and sciences, especially the humanities, developed from the creative use of leisure. Constructively used, free time leads to cultural, societal and individual enrichment, all crucial to the evolution of advanced society."

"Leisure isn’t a luxury to squeeze in after taking care of your basic needs. Leisure is a basic need."

The final sentence of this quote could of easily been found on a univeristy wall in France around May '68, or found in one of the early documents of incorporation for LeisureArts:

"When you think in terms of what you might have lived or done, leisure becomes nothing less than crucial. The art of living will never be perfected without practicing the Art of Leisure."