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One of the nice things about Lebenskünstler is the way that it resonates with dilettante and slacker and evokes something like "the practioner of conviviality" - all major themes of LeisureArts.

Lebensfreude = joy of living
Lebenskunst = art of living
Lebenskünstler = master of the art of living
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The word is “Lebenskünstler.” It is a German word and connotes a person who approaches life with the zest and inspiration of an artist, although he or she may not be working recognizably as an artist.
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Lebenskünstler - chilled-out dude
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Lebenskünstler - someone who knows how to live, survivor, a person who always knows to make the best of things [see our discussion of the bricoleur], bon vivant.
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* Lebenskünstler ("life artist", someone who masters life in a somewhat eccentric way)
* -meister (primarily satirical usage)
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Oscar Wilde once purportedly said "I put my talent into my work, but my genius into my life." A suitable introduction to this week's entry, Lebenskünstler. Literally translated, it means "life-artist." ... He is a Lebenskünstler. Someone who pieces together his living from various activities that, collectively, bring in just enough money to live. No office, no suit, no boss, no rules. German has a word for such people, and English doesn't. There's even a higher form of Lebenskünstler, and that is the Überlebenskünstler, or "survival artist."
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Lebenskünstler - one who recognizes opportunities in life and takes advantage or makes use of those opportunities to make the most out of one's own life; one who lives life deliberately and to the fullest capacity (concept from Henry David Thoreau of “living deep and sucking out all the marrow of life”); one who gambles with the outcome of his/her own life by seizing opportunity; one who makes living an art.

Lebenskunstler - artist of life

Lebenskunstler - an architect of his own achievements
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connoisseur of the art of living - Lebenskünstler {m}
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Lebenskünstler (life artist): someone who manages to get his living in an eccentric way (such as through piecing together odd jobs, mooching, etc. -- think of Kramer on Seinfeld)
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