Popular Skill Search Inventory

According to Yahoo!'s Buzz Log, these are the top 20 "how to" questions on the web. The items marked green are ones we are especially skilled at; the yellow ones are items that we are merely proficient in, or do infrequently; and the red ones are items we either don't know how to do, or never engage in despite knowing how.

1. How to Tie a Tie
2. How to Write a Resume
3. How to Draw
4. How to Lose Weight
5. How to Get Pregnant
6. How to Kiss
7. How to Draw Anime
8. How to Gain Weight
9. How to Make Money
10. How to Play Guitar
11. How to Write a Bibliography
12. How to Play Poker
13. How to Write a Cover Letter
14. How to Dance
15. How to Start a Business
16. How to Levitate
17. How to Build a Deck
18. How to Make Coffee
19. How to Write a Book
20. How to Flirt