Minnesota Museum of the Mississippi

We've linked to this site from the get go, but thought it might be time to be a little more emphatic about directing traffic in its direction. From their mission statement:

The Minnesota Museum of the Mississippi is an institution devoted to the protection and documentation of curious natural and man-made phenomena.

Be sure to check out the Pancakes Across America exhibit. At some point LeisureArts hopes to delve into the amazing array of pancake related activities in the art world and beyond. Also of note, Garden Delights: Concrete Curiosities and Accumulations which provides a guide to unusual and/or inspired gardens throughout the midwest. Finally, the (1999) experiment - A marathon tour of every mile of the Chicago L system on one train fare - is also worth a look, if not an updated attempt and report by someone.

Oh and speaking of the Mississippi, a friend of ours recently completed an 1800 mile trek down said river in a 30 something year old pontoon boat. Details of the adventure (and many other adventures of hers) can be found here: Cubicle Escapee. The amount of material (photos load slowly, but hang in there) can be overwhelming, but you won't be disappointed, especially if you've ever yearned of quitting cubicle life and hitting the road (and frankly if you haven't yearned for that, you are a broken human being).