Iron Chef - Art - Sausage Making

A friend of ours gave us the heads up on the upcoming Iron Artist event at P.S.1 on Saturday. He predicted that it would provoke a venomous response from us. We'd hate to disappoint him, and we want to indulge in our old ways for just one post:

If there's anything grosser than art, it's watching art being made. The parallel to sausage making is clear, except at the end of the sausage making process, you at least have something worth eating.

This event is another symptom of the sad attempt of artists and curators to be as engaging as pop culture (or their arrogance in believing that they can do it better, or have some "higher" purpose to offer). Hello? Artstar anyone? These projects might of had a glimmer of interest if they had preceded the genres/shows they're aping, instead they look like all of those Stevie Wonder wannabes in the early rounds of American Idol.

By the way, if there's a second installment of Iron Artist, LeisureArts would be happy to participate! [Cue Songs in the Key of Life]