Alex McQuilkin + Skye Sweetnam Present: Commodity Dreamgirl vs. Imaginary Superstar [For Edna V. Harris]

It is precisely the ruse of the body as an artefact that can show the obsessive commodification and self-representation of the female body as a new positioning strategy, which can also be summoned in the expression by Rebecca Schneider – as the strategy of “explicit bodies’. (Schneider, 1997). This is a strategy of tactic subjectivity, through which ways of contemporary production of the body, and ways of its representation, can be disclosed. The spectacle is artificially put on as a carefully chosen and opulent dress. It is also exaggerated and forced in its repetition, reduced to the empty essence of a pose - which, at the same time, represents the most radical strategy of the latter. [Source]

The dreamgirl promises sexual fulfillment, but as an icon or symbol, she cannot deliver; she is forever recreating the lust to buy again, in the hope of attaining fulfillment. [Source]

Wrap me up- so superficial
Tied up nicely with a bow
Don't I look pretty?
Doesn't bark- bites really hard
You make your mark
Cover up the scar
Superficial [Source]

Her work evokes an uncomfortable, undeniable blend of contempt and empathy, as her teenage protagonists (played by her) desperately flaunt their sexual desire, their desirability and their romantic wish for death. [Source]

So I brought my art books and I'm like, 'Can you turn this picture of a wolf eating a girl into a guitar riff?' and they're like, 'Okay, let's try it.' So a lot of it is high concept; a lot of it rocks, like Nine Inch Nails meets Britney Spears. I can dance to it. [Source]

I love Pop music. Music is a big thing for me and I carefully follow popular culture now -- but I certainly feel lucky that when I was 13 to 17, the Seattle Grunge Rock scene existed. It felt like it was making a difference and it never felt bubble-gum. It felt serious. [Source]

They were thinking, 'We don't have a credible name in this business because all we do is take young girls and write hit songs for them,' and they just worked with Korn on their record so they were like, 'We're trying to do something different.' So I'm like, Oh my God, finally somebody who understands. [Source]

I paint and draw. Those are still my favorite things to do, but I was interested primarily in video. [Source]

I love multimedia -- the video, the acting part; they even have a book publishing part in their company; I'm even into comics and all that kind of stuff, so they really work well for the multimedia. [Source]

Is this last image a still from this video?

Dont try to label me hypocrite
Cause I will do what I want to
Some will say that I'm counterfeit
But I will be who I want to

Some will look at me and vomit
But I will look how I want to
Some will hear me and not get it
But I will say what I want to

Don't try to label me hypocrite

I will do what I want to [Source]

I mean, the art is me, in that it’s my art and making first-person art is the only thing that makes sense to me right now. People are always asking whether I am suicidal and whether I tried to commit suicide, and that’s not what my art is about. It’s not therapy for me. I hate how people get stuck on the "me" as a person and then don’t see the work itself. [Source]