MTAA vs. Instant Coffee

[MTAA] finally started acting its size. America's favorite underdog looked more like the mid-major it is instead of the spunky team that crashed the Final Four in a 73-58 loss to [Instant Coffee] on Saturday night.

[MTAA] missed dozens of easy shots inside, were dismal from 3-point range, and had none of the swagger and spunk that carried them through the first two weeks of the LeisureArts Tournament. A [duo] from [New York], [MTAA] had never even won an Art Collective Tournament game before this year. No way it could hold its own against the likes of [Rum46], [Mess Hall], and [Temporary Services]. But that's exactly what [MTAA] did -- and more. They knocked off all three powerhouses to become the first [duo] to reach the Final Four since 1979. They also were the lowest seed to reach the Final Four since 1986.

When the final buzzer sounded, the dejected-looking [MTAA] trotted off the floor, their magical ride at an ugly end.

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