MFA - Curatorial Studies - MBA

High Low & In Between recently posted about the art/market relationship. In fact, many blogs have been buzzing about this due to this NY Magazine article.

High Low & In Between touches on, again as many people have, the glut of MFAs being produced in the U.S.

"We are churning out 'masters' to the tune of 10,000 a year in the US alone. With so many artists - for those that can find a way to sustain a studio practice - there needs to be an expansive retail mechanism. Its simple, supply requires demand."

In addition to these MFAs, we now have curatorial studies programs (another symptom of the stranglehold of professionalism in the arts - we'll expand on this in a future post) popping up that add to the pool of people trying to access the economic pie of the art market. It seems that the only real solution for those that care about the survival of the art market is to encourage more of these programs to shut down. They should be telling the people enrolling in these programs - if you care about art, get an MBA, make some serious money and become a collector. What we really need is a Collector Studies MBA/MA that teaches people how create capital streams for investment in art. Rather than increasing the demands on art market resources, the goal needs to be growing the economic pie. We were recently emailed this proposal which is a different approach to achieving the same goal.

That is what they should say mind you. At LeisureArts, we prefer, like Gilbert+George, art relaxing to art work - "...with art-relaxing art comes to you with a greater simplicity clearness beauty reality feelingness and life."