Criticism - Chicago Art Bloggers - Insecurity

For an example of truly fragile egos, check out this display of thin skinned whining by Chicago art bloggers. If being criticized by a STUDENT newspaper even registers a second thought, you really should get out of the blogging arena. Memo to Erik Wenzel: Saying, "I average about 500 hits a week. So I must be doing something right." undermines some really valid points you make about the nature of blog readership. Your blog is good, and offering a lame numbers based defense is unnecessary.

A quick comparison of NYC art blogs (Art Fag City, Art Soldier, Edward Winkleman, From the Floor, Notes and Queries, Deborah Fisher, and on and on and on) relative to Chicago ones will quickly demonstrate how weak Chicago art blogger production is. Although folding chair is a blog we like, we have to say that a team of FOUR people that manages to post sporadically with a week often separating their posts is pathetic. As much as it might seem like an attack, this post is really meant as a call to arms (such militaristic lingo!). Chicago art bloggers, give the city the vibrant discussion and activity it deserves.

Thanks to Houndstooth for providing the impetus for this post.