Abstract Dynamics - MySpace - Concept Trucking

Looks like Abstract Dynamics called it right in this post we mentioned previously. The Fox Interactive Media marketing jackals are being unleashed on MySpace.

From the NY Times article linked to above:

"The bigger opportunity, however, is not so much selling banner ads, but finding ways to integrate advertisers into the site's web of relationships."

And now from the Abstract Dynamics post:

"Imagine a new friend request, good looking person, same style, likes the same books and movies you do, never met them but sure you say yes. Something maybe a touch off, a touch cold, robotic maybe. But they are in your network, in the conversation churn. But slowly they push in odd ways, push certain products, certain activities, push for more info. The future of marketing just might read the same zines as you, buy the same punk 7" as you, watch the same YouTube as you."

To quote my MySpace friend Miller Lite, "Good Call."


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