16 Beaver vs. Oda Projesi

If you love watching sweat dry, C-SPAN and the 12-disc DVD series on the history of Baroque Period painting, you'll love watching a replay of [16 Beaver] squeezing the Final Four life out of [Oda Projesi].

[16 Beaver] doesn't simply play defense, they roll you in bubble wrap, apply duct tape and send you home in an overnight package. It's about as sexy as Billy Packer in a Speedo, but it works. Gawd, does it work.

Remember that scene in "Titanic," when what's-her-face lets go of Leonardo DiCaprio and he slips into the darkness of the icy sea? That was [Oda Projesi]. And [16 Beaver] were the ones who tied cement Nikes to [Oda Projesi]'s ankles.

In the end, [16 Beaver]'s defense was the difference. It always is with [16 Beaver].

Now back to our regularly scheduled C-SPAN programming.

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