Theory Object - Inscription - Cultural Production

From TechKwonDo (Julian Bleecker):

"When you're creating a semantic object — say, a thesis, or a bit of software, or an aircraft wing — the process of going from vague idea to demostrable, exhibited, named thing has a significance that is more important than what we oftentimes misconstrue as the "final version." The process and practice of moving from idea to final version is all too often a process of making the richest part of creativity illegible."

This is a discussion of "theory objects" which has obvious implications for developing new models for cultural production. My initial understanding of the term is that rather than call this web node a "blog," it might better be conceptualized as a theory object. To quote Bleecker (whose blog linked above, is a must-read), who credits Tara McPherson with coining the term:

"...the activity of accumulating all of this must be thought of as a kind of introductory chapter for the thesis project and that the slow articulation of this ephemera into form (construction) is a way of asking and framing the important questions that undergird the project, and the construction.
[emphasis mine]"

So this site functions as a theory object that embodies the various threads of research and cultural activity that constitute LeisureArts. It is an enactment and a trace, an attempt at making practice transparent. More to come later regarding this as I have to do more research, but it seems like an incredibly useful meme...