Pork Rally - Lake County Fair - We Want Wow Now

In August of 2005 LeisureArts undertook the following challenge at the Lake County Fair in Grayslake, IL:


WOW your friends, family and the fair’s judges. The National Pork Board is sponsoring a recipe rally,as they seek the most flavorful, fuss-free pork recipes in America. Combine fresh pork with up to five other ingredients for a convenient and memorable main dish that says WOW! The top three entries— picked for flavor, convenience and presentation—earn cash prizes for their creators: $400 total at each fair, plus commemorative gifts!

Entries will be judged at the fair based on 3 “WOW NOW” FACTORS: Flavor: 50% Convenience: 30% Presentation: 20%

Unfortunately, we did not win a prize (unless you count the pork apron we received for being among the first 20 entrants). We suspect our apple cider brined pork scored highly on flavor and presentation, but lacked in convenience as it was a bit labor intensive. It is strike number two against us – we also failed to ribbon in a Jell-O challenge at the 2002 Westmoreland Festival in Pleasant Unity, PA. We're still learning the county fair cook-off sensibility and plan to try again this year.