Bracketology [Final Four]

[via AP]

As anyone who's ever participated in an [LeisureArts] pool at the office knows full well, there always are upsets at the [Art Collective Championship] tournament. Hey, that's why they call it "March Madness."

Still, it's been quite awhile since there were this many stunning results and so few favorites headed to the Final Four. The biggest surprise of all is [MTAA] that never had even won a single game in the event until this year. "We don't mind being the Cinderella," [MTAA] guard [T.Whid] said after his 11th-seeded team knocked off No. 1 seed [Temporary Services] in overtime Sunday at the Regional final.

Apparently, there was more than one pair of glass slippers lying around. This is the first time since the tournament expanded to 64 teams in 1985 that none of the four teams seeded No. 1 reached the Final Four. The main culprit is [MTAA], but joining it next weekend will be two other [collectives] seeking a first national title, [Oda Projesi] and [Instant Coffee]. The fourth semifinalist is [16 Beaver], which has dominated [collectives] but had fallen on harder times of late.

Tournament info updated here and here.